Few Crazy Ideas That You Must Try On Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Season by season, Indian weddings are going crazy and lavish. The ways of celebrating those moments of nuptial bliss have been swiftly shifting from traditional ones to advanced ideas. Pre-wedding photo shoot, a trend added only a few years back, has now become integral and kind of an essential part of a wedding ceremony. As soon as the wedding dates are decided, couples run to book the candid photographers for an awesome pre-wedding shoot.



A pre-wedding photo shoot, with its artistic view and amazing photography, makes couples look like actual Bollywood stars. New ideas and creativity are being added in this art every day. Nowadays, couples also don’t mind to go that extra mile to make their photo shoot fun, creative and memorable.

So, if you are the one who is going to have such a photo shoot soon, you must be busy deciding location where you can create memories with your partner, cool attires which can make both of you look hot and stylish and of course the new ideas which can make your photo shoot unique.

Here, we have also brought some crazy ideas for the couples who are getting hitched soon.



If you are going for a pre-wedding photo shoot soon, make sure that you try bubble photography this time. Bubbles add fun and romance in your photo shoot. When you and your partner will be seen playing around bubbles, it will add a dreamy effect to your pictures and videos.




Of course, we all have played with them and we all love them. Try these lovely balloons in your pre-wedding shoot and it will create a very vibrant, energetic and colourful background. Your photographers can use them in different creative ways.




Ideas for funny captions are quite in trend. For this, some messages are printed on cue cards or hand-written on small chalkboards. These captions are then flaunted in different creative ways to create fun and memorable events together.




What can symbolize love better than flowers? Beautiful flowers or flower props can be used in creative manner to give a romantic and charming effect to your surroundings. Another good thing about flowers is that they are available in varied sizes, colours and textures.



Bollywood dupatta style:

Long and colourful dupattas flying high in air is a well-known style in the bollywood movies. Don’t you think trying this one in your shoot? Whether you fly dupattas in air or enjoy a personal time under them, it will definitely bring huge applauds in public.



Casual clicks:

Sometimes, doing nothing gives great clicks. Candid photographers try this often. They will ask the couple to roam and chat around casually. They will hide and click innocent and casual pictures which are incredibly nice. You yourself won’t believe on them.



Playing around with Engagement rings:

Engagement rings were the first things which bought two of you together. So, flaunting these beautiful rings in different ways is also a favourable idea in pre-wedding shoot these days. This will make you fall in love all over again.



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