What should you ask your wedding venue organizer?


You have been recently engaged to your dream life partner. The excitement of marriage and a new life is there in your mind and heart. You have a wedding date fixed already. So, this is the time for you to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning. The very first thing in this planning is narrowing down to the desired venue. Most of the people book banquet hall online these days. The shortlisted venue choices are your favorite haunts but to finalize one among them, you need to sit down with your wedding venue organizer and ask a few questions to hash out all the details.

The task seems to be daunting. Therefore, to make it a little easy, we are presenting here a comprehensive list of questions to help you finally decide which venue will host your memorable day.


Are there any weddings on the same day?:

You may feel happy that you have looked for the best banquet hall of the venue. However, if there are other weddings at other banquets at that same venue, you must ask if the venue manager has proper arrangements to direct the guests to different events. This is important to ensure that your guests do not feel any difficulty in reaching to the wedding venue.



Ask them about the food arrangements?:

Catering is another crucial thing in any wedding. Ask the venue coordinator if they provide catering for the events. If they do, ask if it is seating arrangement or buffet style. What type of beverages they serve? Is there any minimum food and beverage fulfillment condition? Do they allow alcohol and open flames? These questions for food are important to decide on catering services.



Questions about venue decorations?:

Venue decorations can actually make or break your wedding arrangements. So, ask the venue coordinator if it is included in the package. What type of flowers or rangoli designs they will be using. How many and what kind of chairs will be there, etc. Generally, if you book a banquet hall online, you can find all this information about different vendors on the website itself.



Ask if the venue has a certain time limit?:

Most of the venues are finalized on per day basis. However, after certain time, they may add extra charge for the longer parties. So, to avoid high bills, clear the timing issue beforehand.



Who will be the contact person in case of any issue?:

Sometimes, everything is decided but some kind of mishappening occurs. To tackle the problem, you must have a contact person who can solve your queries and look for the alternate arrangements as soon as possible.



Are there any bridal suites?:

Bride and bridesmaids may need a room for hair and makeup. See if the rooms have proper bathrooms. If you want lockers for clothes and jewelry, look for that too.



What will be the final price and when to be paid?:

Undoubtedly, you will negotiate over the prices. Once finalized and the deal is done, ask them when to pay the final amount. Don't forget to ask about the cancellation policies and reimbursement details. Also, ask for any taxes or other surprise amounts to be paid later.



What if, there is rain or bad weather?:

If your wedding is a monsoon wedding or if you have chosen an outdoor venue, rain, and bad weather may spoil your arrangements. Ask them what arrangements they have to tackle such scenarios.



Ask about the parking facility? :

Make sure that the venue surroundings have proper parking facility for your guests on the day of the event. Otherwise, it may create a mayhem, especially in a city like Delhi.



Hopefully, these questions will help you in organizing a stress-free ceremony. If you want any kind of help related to booking venues, reserving tables, and any wedding event, Addabooking is here to help you out. We have a large number of banquet halls and restaurants on board which you can book online. With a multitude of vendors, we can help you rock any event of yours.